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Benefits of Using the Podium:

  • Great source of information
  • Clinical sharing and support
  • Forums on many topics including Clinical Discussions, News, Vendors Forum, Job Postings, Community Calendar, Education and Training.

How to register for a Podium Account?

Follow the instructions to sign yourself up based on where you work. You will need to fill out a registration form online.  The CEP Director will review your application for access to the podium.

If you are working at an AAC clinic in Ontario:

Let your manager know you are registering for the podium. Use the specific Clinic Code (2 letters), last name (5 letters), first initial (1). Important: After you register, your Clinic Manager needs to contact the Director of CEP to allow access rights.

If you are an Individual Authorizer:

For login ID Use “IA” first (2 letters), last name (5 letters), first initial (1). Example: John Smith would be “IASMITHJ”.

For All Others:

Create a login through the autoregister form. On the form in the comments section, indicate: what is your purpose/reason in using the podium and what is your profession.

First Class Software – Easier and Faster Access to the Podium

The Podium can be accessed First Class Client software, which is available from This Link. The CEP podium can also be reached via your web browser (Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera) at mail.cepp.org. It is much easier and faster to access the Podium using the First Class Client software. When you’ve installed First Class Client, open it, and on the login page, you will need to set up the “Service Setup”. You need to fill in the following fields: “Connect via” – choose which type of Internet you have, User ID and the Server, which is www.cepp.org. If you have questions, you could ask at your centre, or call CEP.

Resources for First Class Software

There is a folder on the CEP podium called “Getting Started with the Podium” which has information on the structure of the podium, and how to use First Class. There are also great video tutorials on how to use features of First Class software from the First Class website. See link: http://www.firstclass.com/Resources/Tutorials