Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs – Clients and families

The Centralized Equipment Pool (CEP) was established in 1991 by the Ontario Government’s Assistive Devices Program (ADP) to help people in Ontario who have difficulty speaking and/or writing. CEP provides access to Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) equipment to clients/families through AAC clinics in the province. AAC clinic staff are the direct service providers who meet with clients, assess needs, authorize, dispense and provide training for AAC equipment.

CEP offers eligible client/families the opportunity to lease equipment (recycled) or purchase new equipment.  Service coverage is included for leased equipment so if repairs are required, there is no charge. CEP is operated by Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Hospital.

Please contact CEP to answer your billing questions or your AAC clinic contact to answer technical and clinically related questions.

The preliminary lease is a loan period to try out AAC equipment in your own environment for up to 8 weeks before beginning a full lease. There is a $25.00 service charge plus HST for a preliminary lease. No additional fees are charged if a you choose not to proceed with a lease and return the equipment to the clinic.
Leases have a term of 12 months, which starts after the preliminary lease ends. The lease will automatically renew each year for 5 years for as long as you require the equipment.
You can stop a lease at any time by contacting your clinic and returning the equipment. A credit would appear on your next statement of account if you paid for a full year, and had the equipment for less than 12 months.
CEP will not automatically refund credit amounts on client accounts. CEP will issue refunds upon request when all lease equipment has been returned to CEP and the balance owing is greater than $25.00. Refunds are requested through the AAC clinic .
You will own the leased equipment after you have been leasing a primary device (Speech Generating Device, Stationary or Portable Computer, Integrated System) for 5 years with no changes to the primary device. The cost of any equipment leased for less than 5 years at the time of ownership will be depreciated based on the remaining time of the lease.
Leased equipment is charged an annual rate of 5% of its purchase value. For example, a piece of equipment with a purchase cost of $1,000 would cost $50 per year to lease. Depending on the type and quantity of equipment, leases will vary in cost. The maximum amount of a lease is capped at $1000 a year (HST extra where applicable).
HST is charged on administrative fees and communication devices classified as ‘general’ use under the Canada Revenue Agency Excise Tax Act. While the majority of CEP equipment is HST exempt (manufactured for the people with disabilities), computers and tablets are not because they are general use and were adapted to meet needs through the addition of software and apps so are subject to HST charges.
The first year’s payment is due when you decide you want to change from a preliminary lease to a full lease. On each lease anniversary date you will receive a statement of account and letter in the mail reminding you that lease renewal fees are due. Renewal fees are due within 30 days unless other payment arrangements are made directly with CEP (i.e., post-dated cheques, 3rd party funding commitment).
Payments can be made with Visa, MasterCard, or cheque. If necessary CEP can accommodate installment payments by post-dated cheques or credit card. These arrangements can be made with your AAC clinic or with CEP.
Please provide a letter of funding support on letterhead or direct bank deposit slip (DBD) from the third party funder to your AAC clinic when you sign the leasing paperwork.
We send you a copy of the statement of account so that you will be able to see if the third party has paid. If you continue to get statements you can contact your third party to inquire. A statement of account is issued monthly until the third party has paid.
You can contact your AAC clinic who can answer these questions. If your clinic cannot answer your question they will contact CEP and get back to you.
Please contact your AAC clinic or the manufacturer support line. If a service part or replacement device is needed the clinic will order it through CEP and coordinate the return of the defective part or device with you to minimize the time you are without your equipment. You don’t need to contact the device manufacturer for repair or replacement because CEP offers service on all leased equipment.
You can buy out your equipment at any time at a reduced cost. The value of a lease buyout depends on the equipment purchase value reduce by 20% each year have leased. You would pay 25% of that cost. Once you buy your equipment all service from CEP stops and repairs will be at your own expense. Equipment lease buyouts may also require you to wait up to 5 years before another device is eligible for ADP coverage. If you’re interested in pursuing a lease buy out please consult your AAC clinic.
Once you have been leasing for 5 years and own your equipment CEP offers an extended service and repair contract. The cost of the annual contract is calculated the same as a lease however at a rate of 3% of the purchase value up to a $600.00 maximum plus HST. AAC Clinics will continue to act as a hub to return/pick up equipment however no replacement equipment is provided over the duration of the repair.

Please call your AAC clinic.

CEP can be consulted for billing explanations and should be contacted directly only after the first year

To learn more about the Assistive Devices Program, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care please refer to their website at  or contact them by phone at:

Toronto:            416-327-8804

Toll Free:          1-800-268-6021

FAQs – for Clinicians

On this website, go to the Continuing Education section to link to our Course Registration. This includes a listing of CEP courses and online registration.

Information on the Assistive Devices Program process is located in the Continuing Education Section. Assistive Devices Program application information is available through

You can contact your local health centre or service provider to inquire about augmentative and alternative communication services in your area. We also have a list of clinics in Ontario in the About Us section.

The ‘Online Equipment Request’ section provides access to an electronic loan equipment request form. Please read the instructions and note that you must be an Individual Authorizer to order loan equipment.

The ‘Online Equipment Request’ section provides access to a quote request form for community Individual Authorizers only. Complete the form and fax it to the Centralized Equipment Pool at 416-698-3793.

Please note AAC clinic personnel must use the podium (First Class) to request quotes.